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Respecting the dignity of the office of America’s sh*t talking president

Obama and the Democrats have done nothing but slander, smear, and talk sh*t about the Tea Party, a group that is composed of patriotic Americans who object to federal tax and spend waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayers.
Obama and the Democrats have done nothing but slander, smear, and talk sh*t about the Tea Party, a group that is composed of patriotic Americans who object to federal tax and spend waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayers.

Liberals in the media are whining that Americans are disrespecting the “dignity of the office” of the president because they are racists whose bigotry makes them hate on having a black man in the White House. In the past, they say, people have always shown the president respect even if they disagreed with his policies. As is typical of liberals, their memory, as their myopic vision, is very selective when they forget how they spoke of Republican presidents, including a man who is one of the five greatest in American history.

Oh, you mean like President Reagan to whom they always referred to as an “actor” who co-starred with Bonzo the monkey? Or President Bush who they called a dumbass cowboy? Barack Obama set the tone for “dignity” in his office when, after Sarah Palin said the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull was lipstick, he made a reference to putting lipstick on a pig.

Pitbulls and hockey moms

“You can put lipstick on a pig...”

These are the people who say Republicans disrespect women! How would Obama like it if McCain had said about him, ‘you can put a monkey in a pilot’s seat, but it doesn’t mean he can land the Space Shuttle?’ Or if Romney had said, ‘you can dress anyone in a monkey suit, but that doesn’t make him an executive?’ Barack Obama’s sh*t talking didn’t end with his campaign slurs of Palin and all of his opponents whom he slandered and smeared at every opportunity.

Since taking office, how many times have we heard Obama say something no president has ever said in public. Such as when he spoke about the BP oil spill and he said it wasn’t so much a matter of finding out who was responsible, but of finding out “whose ass to kick?” Or when he referred to the citizens who sprang up to protest his raising deficit spending of our tax dollars into the trillions and called the TEA Party members “teabaggers?”

Any opposition to Obama’s socialist agenda has been chalked up to racism, including the greatest theft in the history of America when Obama unilaterally seized General Motors stock and transferred that wealth from investors to union bosses. Or the trillion dollar deficits he has stripped from the pockets of America’s young to give to Wall Street, or bogus green energy companies that went bankrupt but not before making some of Obama’s friend multi-millionaires and getting hefty “donations” to the DNC?

Obama acts as a banana republic dictator who blames his opponents for all the ills of his socialist policies and liberals say the word banana is a racial slur. Or he performs as a gangster boss and a thug in pushing his “aid and protection” on Christie after Hurricane Sandy and suddenly the word thug becomes synonymous with n*gger. Or his criminalizing mortgage banks for pushing bad loans while Democrats hold a gun to their heads forcing them to do it. Any mention of blacks being responsible for ten times more violent crime than any other demographic group is cast as bigotry because the president is black.

Barack Obama’s problem isn’t skin deep and has nothing to do with the dignity of his office. It is the fault of American’s who elected a little man of no more accomplishment than convincing foolish people he would deliver the moon so could win a popularity contest. America’s elevated a small man into the greatest office in the world and his pettiness has brought both that office and this nation low.

Rush Limbaugh was right in hoping he failed. Unfortunately for America, Obama has succeeded in advancing everything in his agenda, even Cap and Trade that a Supermajority Democrat Congress refused to pass he has through executive orders. And through it all he has blamed the results of his socialist policies on Bush, the Republicans, and the conservative Right who all foresaw the destruction they would wreak. Obama has not demonstrated one iota of character or action deserving of respect, but has more than merited receiving a good b*tch-slapping!