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Respect your knot, how to tie one on

There’s nothing like fishing and you need to tie a knot. Not being too sure of what to tie or struggling to remember, so you don’t lose your lure. Some knots read like a computer manual, but once you put them into practice, before your next fishing trip, they are as easy as pie.

Respect your knot, how to tie one on
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Tying a knot in the devil’s tail

You want a simple knot that you can use for monocarbon, fluorocarbon and braided lines for hooks and lures and maybe your rigs. Once that is simple and maintains strength. Wetting the line before you cinch the knot tightly gives the knot added temperament.

Patience and a good teacher

A Palomar knot is the most popular, it’s fairly simple to tie but doesn’t match the strength of a Snell knot under the conditions of a 5-pound bass yanking your chain. The details make a difference. What it takes is just a few seconds to do it right and to prevent breakoffs.

Everyone wants to get on the water quickly

The pros work quickly but you most likely will never see them cutting corners. Poor knots don’t work. The most used knot for ‘flippin and pitchin’ is a snell knot. After all you aren’t just tying your shoes out there. Having the right knot is important for making fishing memories.

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