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Respect in marrriage is very important!

Dinner Date
Dinner Date

Respect in marriage is very important!

Marriage is serious business; it is also sanctioned by God! Did you know that in this 21st century over 55% of marriages are resulting in divorce? Together you can master your marriage by embracing ethical principles and respecting one another. It is important that both spouses take a mutual interest in building an ongoing quality marriage. Your marriage should be a top priority that is nurtured and well tended consistently.

As husband and wife you automatically become cofounders of a partnership that is supposed to last for a lifetime!

Both spouses are equally important when respect is embraced within the marriage they will value one another. Both share in mutually adding to the marriage although their roles differ. Each spouse has their own innate personal temperament. This is why it is good to take the time to get to know one another’s likes and dislikes. Each temperament has varying degrees of strengths and weaknesses. The differences make the marital relationship interesting as well as present an opportunity to mature together. You should learn to work together as a team. You do not take one another for granted but seek to encourage continual individual emotional and spiritual growth. You both strive to be a compliment to one another’s personalities.

Together as husband and wife you can or should create and develop a home environment that is mutually satisfying. This healthy environment will provide the opportunity for both of you to flourish and build a healthier marriage. When you disagree you seek to resolve your differences rather than allow them to ferment. You should not seek ungodly counsel or the advice of others who do not value or respect marriage. Respect is a crucial component in a strong flourishing marriage.

A healthy marriage has many fringe benefits. It provides a nurturing environment to raise children when or if desired. Here you are able to instill in them foundational morals and principles that will help them to become well rounded formidable individuals that are better equipped to maneuver through the developmental stages of life. Both parents must contribute to helping them feel comfortable in their own skin. It is important to take into consideration that each child has their own unique individual temperament. It is important to build healthy self esteem within each child. The goal is to help them be the best individual that they can be. Well rounded children are also a tremendous asset to the community and the world. They learn not only to become responsible but care for themselves as well as wellbeing of others.

We are living in a society within this 21st century that has shifting principles and morals. Much of the chaos and inconsistency in the world is the results of those ever changing principles and morals. The original basic principles for life and living that was established by our Creator have not changed! “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth…” Genesis 1. Today the world offers many diverse alternatives. Many of them go against what God has said not to do. This does not change the irrevocable immutable fact that God designed this world for us to live in. It is important for each spouse to spend time in the Word. His Word is infallible and is the indispensable “Life Manual” for those of us who believe! True Security & Significance can only be found in God!

Do you respect your boss? Well you should respect your spouse all the more. How about friends, co workers or strangers you encounter? Think about it! When you purchase a new home, car, computer, cell phone or appliance do they not come with a manufacturer’s manual! Do you read it? Well, when you adhere to the manual’s instructions do you not receive optimum benefits! So then should we who claim to be believers should respect and apply God’s principles in His Word to our daily lives?

Does this mean that life becomes idealistic with unrealistically high standards and problems few? Not at all! The desire to establish and embrace healthy boundaries is key, as husband and wife you invite TLC often! As members of a family your roles become clear yet flexible enough to permit continued growth. It means that the parents as well as the children’s wellbeing matters. This creates a connectedness of love, care, and concern that will last a lifetime. Life has and will continue to present many challenges. The family seeks to create a balance where everyone matters. When we honor our marriages and the marriages of others we honor God. When respect is welcomed and expected in your marriage and or family everyone wins!

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