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'Respect and dignity' for illegal aliens? Why?

Illegal aliens, their many allies in Congress and the media are gearing up for Saturday, Oct. 5, which has been declared a National Day for Dignity and Respect.

There will be countless one-sided news stories about the "contributions" of nearly 12 million illegal aliens to our democracy and economy, but don't look for any mention of the impact of their presence on 20 million jobless Americans. It is estimated that these anti-rule of law rallies will take place in about 150 cities, and you can count on certain politicians, all of whom are sworn to uphold the Constitution, taking advantage of any and all photo opportunities to join in the demand for fair and humane immigration reform, i.e., the 8th amnesty since 1986.

I'm not going to get the kind of Pavlovian attention the media give to people who ride around in brightly decorated buses wearing T-shirts that say, "Undocumented and unafraid," but what I'm going to say has to be said regardless of how many people will see it:

I have no respect for those who disrespect our immigration laws and American sovereignty, and it makes no difference to me whether they sneaked across our borders or deliberately overstayed their visas. They don't belong here and, to use Barbara Jordan's words, they should be made to leave in accordance with those immigration laws for which they show open contempt.

Equally deserving of no respect are those anti-American worker members of Congress, including Wisconsin's Rep. Paul Ryan (R-1st), who walk around wearing American flag lapel pins while proclaiming that our immigration system is "broken" and has to be "fixed." Let's bring these folks out of the shadows and allow them to get right with the law so they can partake of the American Dream, the sales pitch goes.

When Ryan and his ilk tell us that our imigration policy is broken, there is never any explanation as to how it got that way and by whom. Roy Beck, founder and president of the 2-million member pro-enforcement group NumbersUSA, offers this answer:

"I think we all need to program our minds that when we hear that phrase we know that the speaker really is advocating for 'uncontrolled immigration.'

"It seems that every 'fix' involves increasing the number of work permits for foreign citizens to compete against Americans."

In other words, the Paul Ryans of the world are telling us that strict enforcement of our immigration laws created to protect native-born wage earners are the root cause of why the wheels have come off our immigration policy. Ryan's idea of a credible immigration policy - which is light years away from what Barbara Jordan envisioned - is to sharply reduce the number of restrictions against entry into this country that we now have in place.

As for learning who broke our immigration policy, well, take your pick.

I repeat: I have no respect for those who knowingly violated our sovereignty, especially those who stole identities from my fellow citizens and used them to get jobs. To do otherwise would signal abandonment of the millions of jobless Americans who go to bed at night wondering what the future holds for them.

Their own government already has done that.

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