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Respawn reflects: 'Titanfall' beta proved to be 'incredibly helpful'

What did you think about the beta?
What did you think about the beta?

For those people who had the opportunity to participate in Titanfall's beta, they had the chance to get an early sampling of what was coming from Respawn Entertainment, and on the developer side of things, that time period couldn't have been more valuable to the team.

Recently, Abbie Heppe, who is Respawn's community manager, talked about how important it was for the team to have the Titanfall beta and receive the type of feedback they did on the game.

"Doing beta was incredibly helpful because it let us get ahead of a lot of issues in a couple of ways. We did some fixes right after beta, we did a few little weapon balances as well.

"And then from our side it let us look into things like people using a certain graphics card are going to have an issue, so let's proactively reach out to that company and let them know so that they can provide an update.

"So it let us get ahead of a lot of customer support issues as well which is really helpful," Heppe said.

Most of you know how successful Titanfall has turned out to be, we gave the game a 4 out of 5, and thankfully, it is a game that has lived up to the hype.

While Respawn will continue to support the game with DLCs and updates, fans definitely have something real to enjoy with Titanfall. We expect to see much more of Titanfall in the future.

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