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Respawn: Marketing a challenge for Xbox One exclusive ‘Titanfall’

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
Javier Domínguez Ferreiro from

Because of its lack of single-player, Titanfall has been a challenge to market says one Respawn Entertainment producer, according to a report today from VG 24/7.

In a post to NeoGAF, Titanfall producer Drew McCoy said that it’s been hard to accurately market the Xbox One exclusive because the company can’t lean on scripted, cinematic single-player moments to introduce the game.

“It’s actually been really tough trying to accurately market Titanfall. If you look at what we’ve done, it’s a lot different than what most FPS games do,” McCoy said. “Without a bunch of highly scripted (single player) moments to re-cam from different angles, the usual ‘movie like’ trailer is just about right out.”

Instead, according to McCoy, Respawn has approached marketing Titanfall by displaying chunks of game play footage –– in segments three to five minutes long –– that show the crucial elements of the game.

“Starting as a Pilot, taking on AI and other player Pilots, wall running around a Titan, earning your Titan, climbing in, battling other Titans while stomping on humans, ejecting, etc.,” McCoy said.

However, the challenge in showing off Titanfall in such a manner is it’s hard for gamers to experience all the game has to offer in just the span of a few minutes, McCoy said.

Thusly, Respawn has taken what McCoy called “extremely early pre-alpha” builds of the game to shows like Gamescom and PAX to get Titanfall into the hands of “normal dudes.”

“There’s no amount of polished marketing that can replace playing the actual game,” McCoy said.

The Respawn producer also addressed the limiting of players to 12, which you can read about in this full Examiner report by clicking here.

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