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Respawn Entertainment confirms that ‘Titanfall’ won’t support microtransactions

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In an era where microtransactions are a growing controversial trend, even appearing in full-priced titles that also see several supplemental DLC releases, Respawn Entertainment has now announced that Titanfall won’t support the use of the small purchases. As reported by VG247 on Jan 24, the developer recently replied to fans from their Twitter account to confirm that their upcoming mech-combat game will not have any micro transactions.

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However, the developer had no answer to provide regarding whether or not Titanfall will utilize any other method to delivering extra content such as a Season Pass. Respawn tweeted the following brief message regarding the subject.

No microtransactions. I don't have any news on a season pass

The competitive online play of Titanfall, which won’t have any single-player mode, will pit two teams of six players against one another. However, the number of combatants on the field is increased with the addition of A.I. controlled bots. Additionally, each player will be able to call their personal giant mech into battle. Not only can gamers climb inside the cockpit of thee powerful robot to wreak havoc, but the mechs also have their own A.I. and will follow players around when they aren’t actively being piloted.

Titanfall will release only on the Xbox One and PC later this year.

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