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Respawn co-founder talks 'Titanfall' exclusivity, campaign length, and DLC

Vince Zampella reveals more on Titanfall.
Vince Zampella reveals more on Titanfall.
Respawn Entertainment

Vince Zampella, the co-founder of Respawn Entertainment, answered questions Tuesday pertaining to the company's release of "Titanfall."

On GameSpot's Lobby videocast, Zampella's discussed the game's exclusivity with Microsoft. He said the company never planed on making their games exclusive for any consoles when they began and didn't even see a glimpse of a PS4 or Xbox One. However, since their past relationship with Microsoft was good, Respawn decided on the Xbox consoles to develop "Titanfall" for. Development time for "Titanfall" was two and a half years, Zampella revealed. As for the Xbox One "Titanfall" bundle, he said the idea came up “much later, pretty recently.”

Online multiplayer become the game's focus, as single player campaigns are often short-lived and wanted something to entertain players for hours. Zampell said players will be able to play the multiplayer campaign from either the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation's side or from the Militia's, which should last them "a couple of hours." Paid DLC, season pass, and free updates will be available, but there will be no microtransactions in "Titanfall." Zampella declined to comment on the recent "Titanfall" leaks.

While Zampella was hesitant in talking about 'Titanfall' as a franchise, at least until the first game is successful, he said a sequel is possible. He didn't say if a sequel would stay on Xbox One, or expand to the PS4. Video game analyst Michael Pachter theorized that the game publisher, EA, wouldn't strike another exclusivity deal with Microsoft for "Titanfall 2."