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Resources we need

Caregiver’s have relied on multiple services to help defray the physical demands and financial demands of their life. One which is in need of a major overhaul is Adult Day Care or Respite. Several years ago (1980’s and earlier 1990’s) these two assets were funded by several programs depending on what activities were provided. But, a last, today like so many of our benefits worked so hard to earn, by the people who today need them; these have been taken away in an effort to ‘balance the budget and fund health care’.

These respites are still in our communities although at a premium for lack of space and licensure. These programs filled a bill for caregiver’s to be able to go to their own medical care appointments; get a workman in to fix a plumbing or electrical problem, buy groceries, or just take a deep breath. The Respite of 3 to 5 days is a yearly event if there is room and funding within our communities. For all too many caregivers, there is no one to ask for help, as friends are the same age and many times in the same place as our caregiver or family lives to far away.

This is a situation which should be at the forefront of our legislative processes and our health care programs. We are soon to all be in this same block of needs with the slight number of workers and investor’s in our care needs basket. What will happen to the next generation – we can bet they are right now working on answers to that.

Today’s resources for these supports for caregivers depend on grants and gifts of funding. We need to get the word out for the need to provide these types of help for caregivers.

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