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Resources stretched too thin to protect Afghanistan

Look at what is happening in Nigeria to see the consequences when national defense resources of a government are too thin to defend remote communities. Look back at Afghanistan when Americans and free world allies neglected the place and permitted al Qaeda terrorists and Taliban to flourish there. America and its allies were drawn into Afghanistan to take down the hostile government and to pursue the terrorists. Nation building ensued in an attempt to produce a sustainable economy for Afghanistan. American military intervention drove out the Taliban and eventually killed the al Qaeda leader and founder. However, America and its allies came up short in the end. Why?

Capacity diminished for using drones in Afgahnistan
Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images
  1. Without the will and capability of the citizens living in Afghanistan, there is insufficient internal momentum for a self-sustaining government to succeed.
  2. America and its allies have limited capacity to bring about change through nation building.
  3. American and allied methods of producing democratic government is deficient and ineffective.

Today’s news is that the CIA is shutting down some of its operations in Afghanistan. One observation cited in the story is that the Afghanistan government doesn’t have the capacity to defend the territories where American and allied troops have withdrawn. Therefore, what is next?

  1. Return of the Taliban.
  2. Return of al Qaeda.
  3. Attacks on the west by those operating in Afghanistan.
  4. Robot war against enemies in Afghanistan.

By 2015, the American military will have deployed laser weapons. Add that to drone power, and that is the best we can afford.

“U.S. military concerned about CIA base closures

The Los Angeles Times' David S. Cloud reported on Thursday that the CIA is planning to close its satellite bases in Afghanistan and pull all of its personnel back to Kabul, a move that is raising concerns among U.S. military officials that they will be deprived as vital intelligence as a result (LAT). Cloud notes that CIA Director John Brennan informed military commanders in March that the agency would shutter its bases outside of Kabul, removing CIA case officers and analysts, as well as National Security Agency specialists. The withdrawal, which is coming just as the Taliban prepares for its spring offensive, has strained relations between the agency and U.S. military commanders on the ground.

While intelligence officials confirmed the planned drawdown, they said the pace was uncertain. However, they linked the CIA move to the ongoing withdrawal of U.S. military forces from the country.”

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