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Resources for daycare choices in Birmingham

Children learning
Children learning
Photo: AP/WadePayne

With so many options for child care in the Birmingham area, it might be hard for parents to decide where to place their children during the work week. Whether they are looking for a full time daycare facility, a mothers-day-out program or a half-day preschool, Moms and Dads can weigh their options on several different sites that offer helpful information for a very important decision.

Childcare Resources is based in Birmingham, Ala. and is a partner agency of of Central United Way Alabama. They are a non-profit organization and offer assistance for families needing childcare, along with providing training for child care professionals. They also provide parent education and financial assistance for low-income families. The site also lists information for the community and forms and publications concerning child care.

Another helpful tool in the child care search is Birmingham Citysearch. This site lists child care centers in the area and gives reviews. It also states the address of each facility along with a map of the area. is a match site which allows parents to type in their daycare needs then brings up a list of the places that meet them. There is also a location for daycares to post their services on the website.

These are just a few examples of websites created in order to help parents come to a decision about child care for their children in the Birmingham area. It is a tough decision that can be made easier with the web tools mentioned above.