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Resource Therapy's Grand Opening: Supporting Local Women Business

Specializing in Hypnotherapy & Therapeutic Individual & Couples Coaching
Resource Therapy LLC

You're Invited to the Grand Opening of Resource Therapy LLC located in Brooklyn park, Minnesota.

Resource Therapy specializes in Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Individual & Couples Coaching. Our goal is to help our clients see the resources that are already within them. Our sessions our 100% confidential and we offer discounts and payment plans for those who need it. Our mission is to help as many people as we can see the real beauty that within themselves.

If you would like a chance to help support this local small business please visit our website and like our Facebook, Google+ or Tweet us your questions.


Hypnosis is a powerful & proven tool used to effectively help people in many areas of their lives.
Hypnosis is a natural relaxed state of mind that you go in and out of numerous times a day. For example, have you ever been in your car driving and one minute your present and the next you have driven somewhere you had not planned? You can’t really recall how you got there?
This is a naturally occurring state.
The unconscious or subconscious mind as many people know it is where your memories, feelings and beliefs reside. It is the driving force in who you are & what you do.
In order to release what is holding you back & facilitate the changes you desire, you will see the greatest success by directly accessing your unconscious mind. In our sessions together we will figure out what you truly want and then speak directly to your unconscious mind to achieve it.
Hypnosis can help me with...

Releasing Stress & Anxiety
Weight Control
Letting Go of Unwanted Habits
Increasing Self Esteem
Gaining a More Positive Outlook on Life
General Pain Control
Enhancing Sports Performance
Test Anxiety
Quit Smoking
Fears & Phobias
Preparing for Surgery
Expediting Healing

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