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Resort Wear for Ramadan

Fashion is, first and foremost, subjective.

Designs from Jeremy Laing (top) and Whit (bottom) are just two of the many designers featuring bold, flora-inspired prints.

Religion is also…subjective.

So naturally writing about religious fashion, specifically Muslim women’s fashion, is a daunting task. Fashion, like religion, can be conservative or unconventional, traditional or progressive. I’m here to identify trends and interpret them for each different style and way of dress.

Back on tack: because designers keep pushing neoprene (and lets be real, if you're wearing neoprene in San Diego, it better be for surfing), that leaves us women no choice: pursue the graphic, tropical, prints of Spring/Summer and resort wear.

The wonderful thing about warm weather is that you can wear resort wear RIGHT NOW…And in October…And in December. Until next season comes out, you’ll just nab up those bright colors and last-season wedges. Alas, those chunky knits and suede boots are a tad impractical for the West Coast girl.

There are some easy and chic ways to incorporate splashy florals and vivacious vines (even better if they’re all mismatched) into your tenue quotidienne, whether you are veil-less are abaya-clad. The easiest way to follow this tropical trend? Scarves (see slideshow). It’s a perfect way to add a fun, fashionable, and creative element to your outfit. Similarly, the tropic-motif flats from J.Crew or the clutch from Dezso are more subtle ways to embrace pattern. For those of you who feel comfortable, don’t fear a graphic top either. MSGM, TopShop, and Joseph all have stylish shirts and kaftans that pair perfectly with jeans, trousers, and maxi skirts. Make sure to check out Calypso St.Barth and Mango as well for breezy, modest layers. So how do you stay cool this summer? By being haute for Ramadan!

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