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Resolving Resolutions

Pretty much everyone has a resolution…or many. Funny thing about New Year resolutions is that they are only true New Year resolutions if they are completely unrealistic and you don’t follow through on them.

Therefore, making them is only setting yourself up for failure.

For those who resolve to lose 40 pounds, chances are you’ll end up gaining another 20. For those who make it their goal to find the love of their life and get engaged in the upcoming year, don’t be surprised if you get dumped by a handful of guys/girls that were below your standards to begin with.

Now, I’m not saying setting goals for yourself is a bad thing; but, putting intense emphasis on the infamous “New Year Resolution” is adding pressure to the already anxiety-ridden life of a single in the city.

If you resolve to achieve anything next year, let it be this: go wherever life takes you. Cliché? Sure. Useful cliché? Absolutely.

Live your life instead of planning it. Be open to the unexpected and just maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for without even looking for it.

So, happy and safe New Year to you all! And may your drinks be as strong as the table you dance on.