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Resolved to find a life partner in 2010

Find your heart throb in the ice
Find your heart throb in the ice

Was your new year resolution to find a life partner?  Are you off to a slow start?  Here are a few very basic, but very important, tips to help you get back on track:

1)  Talk to people.  Not just people of romantic interest.  Talk to people in all walks of life, be friendly and interested in them.  In turn they'll be interested in you, and may know the perfect person who can become your life partner.  Better yet, they might unexpectedly become the life partner you've been searching for.  You just never know.

2)  Try new things.  It is a bit unrealistic to think that you will meet someone new if you keep doing the same things every day.  Step outside of your normal routine and remember #1, talk to people.  The Twin Cities offer ample opportunities to do something different and meet new people as a result.  However, if you need a few ideas, here are a couple:

  • Visit the Mill City Museum and learn about the power of flour.  It will give you something new to talk about with people, you'll likely learn something, and you may just run into someone else who is out trying something different.  You could talk to them.  Visit to learn more.
  • The 124th St. Paul Winter Carnival starts soon. There's a host of events associated with the event.  Review clues and hunt for the medallion, who knows who you'll meet in your search and you may just find that lucrative medallion!  Learn more about all the events associated with the Winter Carnival at

3) Work on yourself.  No one can make you happy unless you are happy with yourself first.  So if you need to start eating better, do it.  If you need to exercise more, take a walk and get started.  There are all kinds of deals out there these days, but if you need to see some quick results, try a couple body wraps, you can do them in the privacy of your own home or call for an appointment to try one first.

4) Take your time.  If you are truly looking for a life partner, don't rush anything.  Take your time getting to know people and be willing to say "no, this isn't the right person for me."  Making a lot of friends on your journey is not such a bad thing.  You will know when the right person comes along, and they will too.


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