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Resolve to eat more fruits and vegetables through juicing

Juicing for a better you
Juicing for a better you
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One of the most popular New Year Resolutions is to eat better. Adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet is important. The struggle becomes how to incorporate these foods with variety. Juicing can be a great option to avoid boredom.

From nutritionists to diet gurus, everyone touts the benefit of eating more fruits and vegetables. Between kids balking at the items on their plate and the difficulty of preparation, consuming all the daily servings can be a chore. With juicing, a glass can have multiple servings in one drink.

For the novice juicer, a sweeter drink can make it pleasing for any palate, especially kids. Pears or oranges add the sweetness but still have good nutritional value. Some drinks, like orange aid ( carrots, apples and oranges), have great flavor and are packed with vitamins.

Over time, juices can go green. Often kids don't like leafy vegetables. By pairing them with honey dew melon, these mean green drinks can become a morning staple. The variety keeps juicing fresh and maintains your nutritional intake.

Make 2014 full of fruits and vegetables thanks to juicing.