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Happy New Year!

My new year's resolution (to read the newspaper daily) actually has nothing to do with food or health. But just for the heck of it, I am also giving up a couple of bad food habits because, well, frankly they're not doing me (or my behind) any favors.

Last year I completed my FIRST marathon! It was an amazing experience and I could eat almost anything that I wanted. Afterwards I felt so great that I incorporated some of my marathon training (8 mile Mondays and 6 mile "normal" runs) into my regular routine. Unintentionally, I also incorporated another aspect of my marathon training into my regular routine: eating like a 250 pound man.

I run and work out enough that I SHOULD NOT be struggling to maintain my weight, but I alas am. WHAT is happening! Is what I think when I step on the scale every morning. I could just chalk it up to the holidays, but whose got time to play the blame gain. I've got a wedding in May, so let's be clear: I certainly don't. So, I've reluctantly accepted the fact that I need to give up a few things that crept into my diet during my marathon training.

1) Quinoa, Rice, Farro, Cous Cous and all of the "healthy" grain dishes that my beloved enjoys cooking for dinner during the week. I acknowledge that I am a lucky girl to have a man that cooks for me, BUT unfortunately eating what he eats isn't doing me (or my butt) any favors. So I'm back on that egg white grind, son. 6 egg whites for dinner? Don't mind if I do. Luckily, the man still makes a healthy veggie side dish for the both of us to enjoy with our entrees. Score! Tonight he made a lovely spinach salad with sauteed onions and pistachios. Delish.

2) Gluten Free Snacks. I love me some gluten free pretzels, cookies, bread, etc. But lets face it, even though they are less caloric, gluten free products nearly as bad for us as their gluten full counterparts. To be perfectly honest, and maybe you don't have this problem, but I simply need fewer options. Anything that I can crack open and quickly consume 300+ calories has got to go. Air popped popcorn? Here I come. This is the air popper that I own, recommend, and will soon be developing a deeper friendship with: Retro Series Mini Hot Air Popper.

3) Triple Creme Brie and Ancient Grain Crackers. My fiance says that I like tasteless cheese. That I find only the mildest of cheeses passable suggests that I probably don't actually like cheese. Eek! Why am I still eating it then? This is just one of the many questions that I have for myself and my appetite! In preparation for my breakup with this delightful creamy snack and its salty, crunch partner in crime, I've compiled an arsenal of awesome new recipes for raw chia seed chips. simple nut cheese, and zucchini bread. I fully intend to try some of them out during the upcoming weekend and have even ordered some silicon sheets for my dehydrator: ParaFlexx Premium Non-Stick Drying Sheet (For Excalibur 4-Tray Models).

I will be sure to let you know how it all goes and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014!


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