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Resisting the temptations of holiday party food

Scrape off the frosting and limit yourself to a few bites to avoid weight gain.
Scrape off the frosting and limit yourself to a few bites to avoid weight gain.
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Weight gain during the holidays may seem inevitable. Still, there are a few things you can do to keep those cookies off your hips. Holiday weight gain was always an issue for me. I just couldn't resist all that yummy food. Then I learned some tricks to curb the temptations of holiday party food.

Never go hungry

Before you leave the house, have a healthy green salad. Drink a big glass of water. This way, you will be full enough to keep from over-eating but hungry enough to sample the holiday party food. After all, you don't want to insult the host by not eating anything at all.

The water is for staying hydrated. It's easy to confuse dehydration with hunger. Many people eat until they are overly full, when what they really need is water.

Bring something healthy to the party

Bring a veggie or fruit plate as your contribution to the holiday party food. This way you can avoid weight gain by eating primarily the healthy food tray and mixing in a few small bits of yummy goodies. Survey the holiday party food table before eating anything. Check for more healthy low calorie foods you can fill up on. To avoid weight gain, let these foods join your primary choices.

Use a small plate and portion control

Fill up a small plate with everything you intend to eat. Smaller plates make food look bigger. Don't deprive yourself of yummy holiday party food temptations. Instead, put a one or two bite sample of any decadent foods on your plate. Eat slowly and savor every mouthful. This gives food time to make it to your stomach to signal that you are full. Second helpings should be reserved to healthy foods.

Stay away from the white stuff

You know those culprits, sour cream dips, fluffy frosting, whipped creams and other white stuff. Woman have a special tendency toward weight gain from the extras, rather than the food itself.

Salsa is a good holiday food dip alternative. You get all the flavor and fewer calories.

As for the whipped cream and frosting, scrape the frosting off and skip dishes containing mixed in whipped cream.

Walk away from the buffet table

It's very easy to consume extra calories when standing at the buffet table. All those lovely temptations are taunting you. They're just too close for comfort. Steer clear of the table once you have filled your plate. If you get stuck talking to someone next to the buffet, invite them to sit down across the room. No seating available? Gently guide them away from the table by taking one step at a time until the food is no longer within reach. Be sure to dispose of your plate or leave it to be washed as soon as you empty it. That way, you're not tempted to refill it.

Watch out for high calorie drinks

It's OK to indulge in a fruity punch, soda or special mixed drink. Just make sure that isn't all you drink. They can be just as high calorie as holiday food. Sip water in between drinks to avoid holiday weight gain. This is also a good technique to keep you hangover free. The extra water will help you process your food and drinks faster too. Water speeds the digestive process, which helps to avert weight gain.

Please note: This article is based on personal experience and not intended to replace professional medical advice.

It was previously published under the title, “How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain” by this author on Yahoo! It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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