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Resistance Pro returns to Willowbrook this Sunday with The Real Thing

Jake O'Neill and Marshe Rockett at Mob Rules July 2014
Jake O'Neill and Marshe Rockett at Mob Rules July 2014
Photo by MXV

Resistance Pro Wrestling has been on a hot streak lately. On top of their recent run of great shows, it was announced earlier this year that the company has inked a deal for an unscripted reality show on the AMC network. RPro is keeping the momentum going this Sunday when they return to the Arabian Knights Barn in Willowbrook with their latest event, The Real Thing. They have a great card lined up so let's take a look.

Poster for Resistance Pro: The Real Thing

RPRo Heavyweight title match: Jocephus (champion) w/Eve vs. Special Dark Suge D
Ever since winning the heavyweight title, Jocephus and Eve have been on a reign of terror that not only includes beating up everyone in their path (with Jocephus often using Eve as a human weapon by slamming her onto prone opponents) and converting The Ego Robert Anthony into their little cult, but Jocephus will also never pass up an opportunity to grab a microphone and start crooning about how he is "the way" to anyone who will listen. Ever since fighting his way to freedom from the confines of Warden Myers' Lock Up, Suge D has been a non-stop entertainment machine, winning over the support of fans wherever he goes. He is not only immensely entertaining but a solid wrestler and he gets a chance to make his dream come true if he can somehow overcome the odds and pin Jocephus this Sunday.

RPro Women's Championship title match: Mickie "Moose" Knuckles (champion) vs. Crazy Mary Dobson
Mickie Knuckles proved just how tough she was when she and D'Arcy Dixon feuded over the women's title for months, showing the wrestling world that both of them were as tough, if not tougher, than many of the male wrestlers. Mickie is as tough as they come, and also quite devious. She didn't even let a broken leg set her back for more than a few weeks. Crazy Mary Dobson is unpredictable, fast, and does some flashy and high flying moves but multiple tours of Japan proved she is also a brawler who will go hardcore should the need arise. This match should further prove how RPro has some of the best female wrestlers on earth who, you know, can actually wrestle!

Christoper (with Remi and Warden Myers) vs. Simply Sexy Shawn Blaze
Shawn Blaze has had his hands full with Remi, Christopher and the Warden. Warden Myers for some reason has made Blaze a target for abuse simply for his own sick entertainment. After two shows of battling Remi, Blaze now has to face the monster, Christopher which will be no easy task. Getting fired from Special Forces by Col. Jesse Corgan resulted in Christopher going to prison and becoming more brutal and vicious than ever. If Blaze can beat Christoper he will get three minutes in the ring with Warden Myers to extract some well-deserved revenge.

2 out of 3 Falls match: Jake O'Neill vs. Cobra (w/Justin King)
Both of these men have recently been in some of the best matches in Resistance Pro history. Jake O'Neill is a student of the Lance Storm wrestling school which means he was trained by one of the best ring workers in the business. Last month he and Marshe Rockett stole the show with an amazing match. Cobra has been on fire lately with amazing matches and has been racking up the wins which means a title shot may be in his future. This promises to be nothing short of amazing as these two do battle in a best of three falls match. This has all the ingredients to be the match that once again steals the show.

Chris Castro vs. Colonel Jesse Corgan (w/Matt Knicks and Miss Prig)
Colonel Jesse Corgan has been a thorn in everyone's side these days and has interfered in matches, cheated to allow his clients to win, and he's even tried to take over the company (unsuccessfully). Jesse is a manager, not a wrestler so it will be interesting to see what he plans to do to avoid a beating from Castro. With Miss Prig and Matt Knicks (Castro's former partner) in his corner the odds are likely stacked in Jesse's favor but will it be enough?

#1 contender tag-team match: Da Soul Touchaz vs. Body Magic (w/Eric St. Vaughn) vs. Mr. 450 and Lonesome Jay Bradley
Da Soul Touchaz want nothing more than to reclaim the tag titles. Body Magic have been on a tear lately and have really turned up the viciousness, especially Ashton Vuitton who is becoming the male model equivalent of Mean Girls. Could you imagine the arrogance if he ends up winning a title? Mr. 450 and Jay Bradley are a volatile team that could implode and end up fighting each other at the drop of a hat. Regardless of who wins, the real winner here is the fans as any one of these teams would make for a great title match at a future show.

Femme Fatale Four Way: Lucy Mendez vs. Angel Dust vs. Paloma Starr vs. D'Arcy Dixon
D'Arcy Dixon is pissed off that she lost the women's title. Odds are she plans on taking it out on any one, or all of the three other ladies in this match. Lucy has a mean streak a mile wide and will prove a tough competitor in this match. Angel makes up for her lack of size with some fast and high flying ability that really wow's the audience and Paloma Starr showed she has more heart than most ladies earlier this year when she won the Samuel Thompson memorial cup. You will find more wrestling ability and action in this match than you will in half the WWE and TNA Diva/Knockout rosters combined.

The Ego Robert Anthony vs. Scotty Young.
Ego has become a changed man since Jocephus showed him "the way". Despite his poor taste in Kool-Aid, he's one of the top wrestlers anywhere and there is a reason why he was the RPro champion for over a year. Scotty Young impressed everyone in his never-ending feud with Jake O'Neill and has been enjoying even greater success since then and is a real fan favorite. This should be wrestling action at its finest with these two going at it.

Check out the gallery for a few photos from last month's show which show sold out and with a card this strong this one is likely to do the same. This is also a TV taping so you may end up on television if you attend the show! Tickets for The Real Thing are available at Doors open at 4pm with a 5pm bell time.

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