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Residents meet Saturday to discuss dogs being poisoned in Maryland

Residents of Hampden and Medford Maryland are keeping an eye out for a man who appears to be attempting to poison dogs.
Titus Bell

A group of concerned residents of the Maryland towns of Hampden and Medford have scheduled a meeting for Saturday to discuss a plan of action to combat recent reports of dogs being poisoned in the area. Operation paws on hampden is scheduled for 2 pm Saturday at the Roosevelt Recreation Center.

A Hampden woman, Terri Carter-Galvan reported that someone tried to poison her pit bull, Maddie, with sausage stuffed with Tylenol, according to a report published yesterday on the Baltimore Sun website.

Other reports are emerging on the Facebook page set up for Operation Paws on Hampden. Titus Bell posted the following, along with a photo of what the dog ingested:

To people in the hampden area, there is an older man between 50 and 70 bald or balding woth a limp that is poisoning dogs, mainly pitbulls, all around the area. He almost got mine and actually got A few others.

Another person posting using the name The Fallen Angel posted on the page about a similar incident:

He got my puppy too she's alive but suffers being deaf n blind on her right side almost like a stroke I would luv to know who he is

Facebook user Em sull 4 paws posted an update on a similar incident:

I met the brother of the woman whose dog was poisened on Elm Ave last week. He said the dog is still recovering but will be ok. However, there was another attack and unfortunately the man was successful this time. He doused a steak in anti-freeze, threw it over a fence to a dog, the dog ate it and is now dead. Apparently these attacks have been happening for a while now and they believe it to be the same man. Please keep an extra cl...ose eye out for anyone suspicous fitting this descripton, male caucasion, in his 60s or possibly 70s, bald, heavy set. He appears to be tarketing pitbull breeds in the Hampden area.

Residents in that area may want to be vigilant about watching what their dogs are eating, and contact a vet if they appear to be ill.

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