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'Resident Evil Remastered' receives its first trailer

At the beginning of August, Capcom revealed that it would be rereleasing the Gamecube HD remake of "Resident Evil". Today, Sept 2, the developer enticed us with a trailer revealing the graphical improvements made to the original 2002 release for "Resident Evil Remastered".

Side-by-Side comparison of HD remake cinematic.

The trailer kicks off with the game's opening cinematic which, when viewed side-by-side, shows only a slight difference in picture clarity. The notable changes come when gameplay footage starts playing, and it's clear to see that Capcom has put a bulk of the improvements into the game's lighting. It's hard to make a 12 year old game look new without a complete overhaul, but, from the looks of it, Capcom has succeeded in at least making the game look refreshed.

The original "Resident Evil" relied heavily on atmosphere for its scare-factor, the 2002 remake following suit by amplifying the mood of the mansion. This 2015 rerelease looks like it will kick the horror up a notch even more with lighting and shadows that more fit the modern generations of gaming. Sure, you're going to see some better texturing, but these don't quite detract from the dated look of the game. Really, it's the flashes of lightening and ambient lighting that are going to catch your attention.

The remastered rerelease of "Resident Evil" is scheduled to release in the United States for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC in early 2015, potentially around the same time as "Resident Evil: Revelations 2".

After viewing the trailer, do you think the improvements are noticeable? Comment below and subscribe for more "Resident Evil" and other video gaming news.

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