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Reset The Net: Say 'Nay' to the NSA

June 5, 2014, is the one year anniversary of the first NSA surveillance leak revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden. It's also the day a worldwide coalition of tens of thousands of Internet users, companies and organizations pledge to "Reset The Net."

Encrypt! Protect! Resist! Secure! Block! Pledge! Join! Reset! Unplug the NSA!
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It's the day thousands of people around the world fight back against the American government's mass surveillance invasions of everyone's privacy by NSA, the National Security Agency.

At this writing the Libertarian Party is the only explicitly libertarian presence on the Reset The Net website that includes a broad-based, far-reaching coalition of entities from across the political spectrum and the technology industry, but the commitment is the same for everyone; to preserve free speech and basic rights on the Internet.

So what does this day mean in practical terms?

The plan is to get hundreds of sites and applications to add proven security like SSL. Then, on June 5, Reset The Net will "run a splash screen everywhere to spread NSA-resistant privacy tools."

If you have a website, pledge to add SSL, HSTS and PFS protection this year. If you don't know what any of that means check your apps and take appropriate action to secure them. Or at the very least pledge to share NSA resistant privacy tools on June 5, join Thunderclap to protest on social media and join the #ResetTheNet Twitter brigade and urge the Internet's most popular websites like Amazon, Google, Firefox, Apple, Facebook and all the rest to add end-to-end encryption.

“Don't ask for your privacy," the "crowdspeaking" platform Thunderclap exclaims. "Take it back." The site offers a how-to for encrypting your online presence. "We can't stop targeted hacking," the website admits, "but we can stop mass surveillance by building proven security into the everyday Internet."

Doing its part to publicize the event The Advocates for Self-Government quoted The Libertarian Party's Carla Howell in its May newsletter, The Liberator Online.

"The Libertarian Party enthusiastically joins Reset The Net. Over thirty Libertarian candidates running for federal office this year have pledged to shut down the NSA and invite Edward Snowden to return home a free man. He should be granted an immediate presidential pardon, awarded the American Medal of Freedom, and applauded for blowing the whistle on the NSA's abuse of the Constitution."

A year after Snowden's revelations the NSA is still spying on nearly everything we read, write, see and say online.

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