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Researchers have described a case of catatonic psychosis caused by spice

A makeshift drug lab

Spice is a very popular drug of abuse across the United States and internationally. In spite of claims that spice is harmless, it is not. Researchers have described the first case of catatonic psychosis caused by consumption of spice reported Asociación RUVID on June 6, 2014. Spice is a synthetic derivative of marijuana.

The first case of catatonic psychosis caused by spice has been described by professors of medicine at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University and the Provincial Hospital of Castellón, in collaboration with doctors of the Addictive Behaviors Unit of Valencia. The association between the consumption of spice, a psychotic break and some locomotor system problems which are similar to the ones caused by Parkinson have been described for the first time by this research team in Castellón. This research has been published in the international medical magazine Psychiatry.

Up to this time research has shown an association between the consumption of spice and various types of psychosis. However, this is the first clinical case which has been described on an international scale in which the psychotic break has appeared with abnormal movements. The movement disorder which was detected in this case was similar to catatonia and consists in the loss of harmony in the process of walking along with neck, arms and head stiffness.

This is considered a unique case of dual pathology. Doctor Gonzalo Haro says this is a really significant case in the field of dual pathology, which deals with the relation between the abuse of substances and mental disorders. He says that greater than 40 percent of patients diagnosed as alcohol-dependent and 50 percent of those who are diagnosed as dependent on other substances display, in turn, other psychiatric diagnoses. The case presently under consideration which shows the association between catatonic psychosis and spice use is the only one of its kind thus far seen in the dual pathology field.

Spice products are very popular among young people reports the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Easy access to spice and the misperception that spice products are natural and therefore do not cause harm appear to have contributed to their popularity. Spice users have reported experiences which are similar to those which are seen with marijuana including elevated mood, relaxation, and altered perception.

Psychotic effects such as extreme anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations have been reported by some users. Spice is a dangerous drug and this information should therefore be shared in public health forums with young people and others in order to help them make more well informed decisions about using spice. Spice is actually a psychoactive poison that has the potential to ruin lives.

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