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Research Study looking for families to participate

Dr. Jim Hill, Professor of Pediatrics, at the University of Colorado, Denver, is currently recruiting for
a research study promoting more healthful living through small, sustainable lifestyle changes.
It is not a weight-loss program, and no medication is prescribed. Rather it is a research study that will provide you with valuable information as well!

To Qualify...

* Need at least 1 parent and 1 child (8-12 yrs old) to participate
* 8-12 yr old must meet certain height and weight criteria
* Up to 6 family members may participate together!


* Learn about healthy lifestyles
* Fill out Food and Physical Activity questionnaires
* Try new ways to be physically active and eat well
* Attend 4 family meetings at the University of Colorado Denver 9th Avenue Campus
* Participate for 6 months
* Have height, weight and waist circumference taken 3 times
* Families will be compensated for their time and effort!


* Call Center for Human Nutrition at 303-315-9027