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Rescues to more than we know

Has there ever been a pet which just gets under the skin? Is there a connection which cannot be denied or explained? Many of us experience this, without knowing how or where the connection was build. For some it is the day we pick out that special puppy and know, just know this is our best friend. And for other’s it is a day a couple of years in to the relationship we turn and look at our pet and it is as though they are speaking to us.

Soon after we discover we will do and say most anything to or for them. We find ourselves discussing our day or a relationship with them as though they can answer all of our questions. In Washington State not far from Seattle is a place called Pasado’s Safe Haven, this is a rescue which takes every kind of animal and provides dignity back into the lives of these animals. If unfamiliar with this group and place, please go to the website and read the story of how it came to be. This story will both break your heart and solidify the resolve to help animals.

Now look around the community we live in and determine what we can do for the animals in our community. Euthanized in animal shelters is going by the wayside and in its place will be places built on the foundation of love and hope; where people come to give back to all animals. So many dog’s in these shelter’s right now could be service dogs helping those coming back from war, with disabilities the dog can help them live independently, helping people with illnesses like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and so many more. And here is the really important thing service animals are not just dogs. They are cats, horses, rabbits and more. Look into this portion of the world and help where and when there is a need. We never know when that person needing assistance might be us.

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