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Rescuers will adopt burned cat rescued from Washington's largest wildfire

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Alta the cat, who miraculously survived the largest wildfire in Washington State history, continues to amaze the talented veterinary staff that is dedicated to her care. The little cat was discovered near Alta Lake Golf Course by good Samaritans Heidi Brown and her boyfriend, Brad, and has been recuperating at Lake Chelan Veterinary Hospital.

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Heidi and Brad waded through burning ash to rescue Alta, sustaining severe burns to their own feet in the process. Once Alta recovers, she will be going to a forever home with the very people who took her from the embers of the fire.

Earlier this summer, the Carlton Complex fire quickly grew to become the largest wildfire in Washington State’s history, burning more than 250,000 acres and destroying 300 homes. One person died fighting the flames and countless animals perished in the fire. But one little survivor from the Washington wildfires continues to beat the odds, thanks to the dedicated staff at Lake Chelan Veterinary Hospital.

The Veterinary Hospital posted on their Facebook page this weekend: "Miss Alta Kitty [enjoyed] couch time with Dr. Shelton at his house...she came home to spend the weekend and celebrate no more paw wraps...woohoo!
Also still getting her burn medication..which she doesn't really love, but complains less every day. P.S....she never stopped purring."

At the end of July, Dr. Shelton from the veterinary hospital took the day off to drive Alta five hours to Pullman, Washington, for treatment at the Washington State University (WSU) Veterinary Clinic. After examining Alta, Dr. Fransson at WSU stated that her treatment thus far had been absolutely perfect - and that she wouldn't change a thing. The fourth year veterinary students dubbed the resilient little cat "Adorable Alta" and someone was with her 24/7, providing Alta with constant love, care, and attention.

On Aug. 3, Lake Chelan Veterinary Hospital Stated on their Facebook page: "A huge shout out to Joni and Dave Lewman for driving to Pullman today and bringing our Alta Kitty back to us this evening! An eight-hour journey, and are we ever happy to see Alta! She looks absolutely wonderful...look at her gorgeous eyes!

"Our team member Brandi stopped by to give a cuddle and Alta's forever parents Heidi and Brad (saviors from the fire) and Uncle Hans also stopped to ooo and ahhh! We all fell in love with Alta again. No matter what, she purrs and rubs her face along your face. She just wants to be held and told just how beautiful she is - cause it's the truth! Welcome back Miss Alta!"

Alta originally came in to the veterinary hospital with second degree burns and abrasions across her body, including her eyes, ears, nose, and pads - but she's responding well to treatment. Alta bravely endured dressing changes on her burned feet and after several long weeks, she no longer needs her bandages. Even with her burnt ears and face, her beauty, affection, and gratitude shine through. And Alta is helping other animals, as well: her amazing rescue inspired a fund to help other animals like her recover from these devastating fires.

The “Alta Good Samaritan Fund” will help the animals who have been impacted by the fire. Donations can be sent to Lake Chelan Veterinary Hospital, P.O. Box 1238, Chelan, WA 98816. Please mark “Attn: Alta Good Samaritan Fund” on all checks. Donors can also call the office at (509) 682 5812 for credit card donations.

The towns of Carlton and Pateros - where Alta came from - are devastated. It's a miracle that Alta walked out of the fire - and a bigger miracle yet that she was found by a good Samaritan who knew just what to do. Until she goes to her forever home with Heidi and Brad, Alta will continue receiving the best veterinary care – and the love of a community that appreciates her courage and embodiment of hope during this tragic time.