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Rescuers using social media for abused dog to find 'Justice for Petey'

Humane advocates want Petey's owner charged with animal cruelty for abuse and neglect.
Humane advocates want Petey's owner charged with animal cruelty for abuse and neglect.
Justice for Petey Facebook

In Corpus Christi, Texas, the case of a black and white pit bull mix is still under investigation, but animal rescuers have no intentions of allowing the egregious suffering and subsequent death of Petey last week to be swept under the rug, according to a news report on Monday evening by

Animal advocates Laura Anderson and Linda Smith, came to the aid of a woman posting on Facebook looking for financial help for her dog's medical care. According to the owner she needed help for life saving care for her dog. Within minutes, compassionate animal lovers came together to help raise funds.

When Smith arrived in the south side neighborhood prepared to help with the transportation for the dog to the veterinarian, she was shocked at what she saw. The owner, according to Smith, had completely misrepresented the dog's physical condition.

The dog, named Petey, was tethered to a five-foot chain to a fence with a padlock.

"Petey was covered in ticks and fleas and her head was swollen. She had infections," said Smith.

The dog was too weak to even walk, and the women carried the dog using a sheet to a veterinarian's office.

In a petition to Police Chief Floyd Simpson of Corpus Christi, more of the dog's heartbreaking symptoms were described:

"She was flea and tick infested, had maggots crawling in her wounds, and puss coming from her mouth. She had labored breathing and couldn't even stand. Petey's abuser played dumb and said that dog was perfectly healthy the day before."

No charges have been filed against the owner pending an investigation and the results of the necropsy of Petey.

Petey's owner has not been publicly identified.

A Facebook page, Justice for Petey has been created. Animal advocates hope the owner will be charged and punished appropriately, and that a message will be sent out to the public that animal cruelty is a crime and will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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