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Rescuer files $2.5 million dollar lawsuit against Orange County Animal Care

These dogs were euthanized at the OC Animal Care Photo Courtesy PPR
These dogs were euthanized at the OC Animal Care Photo Courtesy PPR
Paw Protectors Rescue

In what has been a tumultuous almost 2 year long legal battle between long time animal rescuer Sharon Logan and the Orange County Animal Care has resulted in a $2.5 million dollar, 13 page lawsuit filed by Sharon Logan against the Orange County Animal Care located in Orange CA, and Ryan Drabek, Tammy Osborn and Katie Ingram named individually as agents of the Orange County Animal Care.

The $2.5 million dollar lawsuit was filed in Orange County Superior Court on July 29th, 2014.

Four copies of the lawsuit and 4 summonses were served on the above named defendants on August 07, 2014, by the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

There are some very serious allegations, violations, State and Federal statutes and laws that Sharon Logan has named in her 13 page lawsuit that Sharon Logan claims the Orange County Animal Shelter has continually and habitually violated.

Portions of Sharon Logan's lawsuit reads, defendants have engaged and continue to engage in an ongoing pattern of abuse and failure to follow state law at the Orange County Animal Care. Defendant's consistent violations of law in this petition and complaint have resulted in the senseless and wrongful killing of impounded animals in direct contravention of the State of California's policy codified into law to promote rescue and adoption over death for these animals.

In 1998, the California legislature enacted Senate Bill 1785("SB 1785"). The purpose of SB 1785 was to shift California's animal shelter system in the direction of saving, rather than taking the lives of animals delivered to the care of the animal shelters located throughout the state. SB 1785 is currently codified in various places throughout the Civil Code, Food and Agricultural Code and the Penal Code. In all three Codes, the Legislature specifically codified the the State's policy favoring life by re-homing over death for shelter animals. (Civ Code 1834.4; Food & Ag. Code 17005; Pen. Code 599d ).

In violation of these and other mandatory duties imposed by law, plaintiffs are informed and believe the above named defendants:

Routinely kill healthy adoptable animals without first holding the animals for the minimum period of time mandated by law.

Routinely kill animals that are ill or injured but treatable without first holding the animals for the minimum period of time mandated by law.

Routinely violated the spirit and purpose of the minimum statutorily required holding period for impounded animals, by killing animals that have been technically impounded for a sufficient period of time but have been given no meaningful opportunity for reunification with their owners or adoptions because defendants segregate such animals in sections of their shelters that are not ready accessible to the public.

Routinely fail to release animals scheduled to be put to death to nonprofit rescues and or adoption organizations that are willing to take the animals that are not irremediably suffering from any serious illness or injury.

Routinely fail to treat animals kindly and humanely.

Sharon Logan's statement:

What I witnessed that day and the look in Stitch's eyes will haunt me forever. It's been a painful, emotional and very depressing two years, but change is coming and Paw Protectors Rescue has sent a very loud, very strong message and very public message to the Orange County Animal Care and their agents, Ryan Drabek, Tammy Osborne and Katy Ingram that violating the Hayden Act, State and Federal Laws under the guise and color of authority is not OK and illegal! Threatening and Strong Arm Tactics to take away other rescues pull rights for speaking up and out against the numerous state and federal law violations is not OK and illegal! Violating Federal Statute 1983 is not OK and illegal!

The shelter employees that exhibit their God complexes and send innocent dogs to their death in violation of the Hayden Act and practice retaliation for the rescues and rescuers that speak out against their illegal conduct are going to be held accountable for their actions in a court of law.

We are seeking Justice for Stitch and all the unfortunate animals that have been killed while under the care of the Orange County Animal Care in violation of the Hayden Act and state and federal statutes and laws.

Paw Protectors Rescue is here to say that the animals do have a voice, the rescues and rescuers, adopters, animal advocates and the general public are all voices for the animals. The Orange County Animal Care ha been openly defying state, federal laws, statues and the Hayden Act for many years. Paw Protectors Rescue's only remedy was seeking through a Court of Law that the Orange County Animal Care and their agents be held accountable and be made to obey, practice and adhere to the standards and policies that were put into effect through the state, federal statutes, laws and the Hayden Act which were all enacted to help promote the adoption and rescue not the euthanasia of the shelter animals. Paw Protectors Rescue hopes this lawsuit will bring awareness and effect positive changes and policies for the animals and the rescues and rescuers that work with the Orange County Animal Care.

The previous article written by Penny Eims on August 10, 2012, may be viewed here.

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