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RescueMe: Breed-specific site helps homeless pets get adopted

Thyme's Rescue Me profile
Thyme's Rescue Me profile

RescueMe is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless cats and dogs find their forever homes. RescueMe posts animals from both rescues and private owners. There is no cost to list a pet for adoption and no application process. While many rescues use and, RescueMe is another great resource for helping cats and dogs get adopted. RescueMe was founded by Jeff Gold, who is also the director of RescueMe's Animal Rehabilitation Center in Watkinsville, Georgia. Gold has many years of experience in rescuing dogs, fostering dogs, and running large online networks. 159,094 animals posted on Rescue Me have now been adopted.

Helping Rescues

The mission statement of RescueMe is to "Stop the needless euthanization of millions of animals each year by helping more people adopt purebred & mixed animals from individuals, families, shelters and rescue groups needing to place them in an emergency." Rescue groups can join RescueMe for free. This site provides a wonderful editing section where you can crop, resize and edit your pet photos before posting them. Since joining RescueMe, Healing Hearts has received inquiries from this site for every adoptable pet posted. There is also an option to list how much time pets have left before euthanasia for animals in kill shelters. Posted animals are visible on the site within 5-10 minutes.

Pets for Adoption

RescueMe allows adopters to search by breed and state. Purebred pets and purebred mixes are the most likely to be adopted through this site. Healing Hearts has adopted out several cats and dogs through RescueMe so far. Sean the Siamese and his friend, Sam the Bengal mix were both adopted out through RescueMe. Because of its nation-wide orientation, adopters from several hours away may contact you about adopting a pet. Longer distance adoptions are not hard to coordinate. Since a home visit is not practical, most rescues either request photos of the adopter's home and yard or recruit a local rescue group to conduct the home visit for them.

Joining RescueMe

Becoming a member of RescueMe is simple and quick. Simply click on the "Help for Shelters and Rescues" button from the main page of This site also offers a free domain name for your rescue and a special RescueMe widget for your webpage that lists all of your available animals.


RescueMe is a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization linking animal rescue groups with potential adopters. You can make a donation of any size to RescueMe online and designate your gift for a specific breed of cat or dog. If you would like to make a gift in honor of another person, RescueMe will send a colorful card to the person you would like to honor.

Success Stories

Timothy, a one year old grey and white Bengal mix was adopted in 2010 to a family who drove 7 hrs each direction to adopt him. He quickly settled in with his new family, enjoying lots of lap time and playing with his new kitty friend. Sam, a beautiful 5 month old Bengal mix kitten was adopted to a family last year who drove two hours each direction to come and adopt him. He was adopted by a family with children and is thoroughly enjoying playing and snuggling with them. Sean, a 9 month old Siamese kitten was adopted last year by an older couple who drove two hours each way to adopt him. He was a little shy at first, but quickly learned to enjoy petting and attention from his new pet parents and even playing with his new doggie friends. Small dogs Panda the Cocker/Chi mix, Molly the Yorkie/Chi mix and Ella the Chinese Crested mix have all received multiple emails and phone calls from RescueMe.

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