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Rescued Siamese mix kitten requires surgery after Warble fly imbeds neck with larvae


A rescue volunteer spotted a gorgeous Siamese female cat and her three kittens needing help at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter .  They went to live in a foster home and were put up for adoption. The kittens were precious and all named, including  Sage who was lively and playing with her siblings like any kitten would do. But soon the foster mom spotted the perfectly round hole in her neck.  It  did not look like a bite from a sibling or even a mosquito.  It was deep, perfectly round and scary looking.The foster home speculated it might be a snake bite or even  spider bite. But whatever it was , it was time to see the vet.

Sage with stiches from Warble fly inbedded in her neck
Jan Kachilo

The vet informed her the hole was made by a fly and inside the hole it had laid an egg.  As disgusting as it sounds, there was  a live larvae living inside poor  Sage's neck.  With tweezers the young fly was removed and Sage was stitched up.  It was no easy time . The deep wound became re-infected and the poor kitten had to go back to the vet again to have it re-opened and cleaned.  Sage is now healing but the horrible experience is something that no one wants an animal to go through.

According to Wikipedia, Warbles are large flies which are parasitic on cattle and deer and obviously sometimes kittens. They are bee like in appearance and lay eggs under the skin. The larvae bore a hole or tunnel and that is the hole you see .  Obviously the worm must be removed, preferalby by a vet, the wound  cleaned and if a little  animal like a kitten it needs to be  given a strong anitibiotic to prevent infection.

Sage's vet bills have exceeded $500.00 and the group, Caterng to Cats and Dogs who is caring for the kitten is accepting donations.  IF you want to help with vet bill, or give Sage or one of  her siblings a forever home,  please visit their website and note that you want to help Sage the kitten at   or you can email;