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Rescued kitten lost during 3,000 mile transport to adopter's home

Cali was rescued then lost before reaching her forever home

An 8 month old kitten named Cali, rescued from a shelter in North Carolina, was just hours away from her new home in Santa Rosa, California when she escaped from transporters in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Cali’s story began in November 2013, when she arrived at the Gaston County, North Carolina shelter and a heartbreaking photo of the frightened little cat was posted on Facebook.

She was rescued from the shelter by OPKIT, a nationwide kitten and cat rescue and sponsorship network, when one of OPKIT’s own members, a resident of Santa Rosa, California, saw her photo and agreed to adopt her. Founded in June 2013 by Jamie Lee Robinson, OPKIT has helped rescue over 400 cats and kittens from rural shelters around the country.

Following Cali's rescue from the shelter, she was placed in a foster home in North Carolina while arrangements could be made for her transport to California. Finally, on December 6, 2013, volunteers from a transport group flew Cali from Wilmington, NC to Los Angeles.

The plan was for Cali to spend one night in LA suburb Santa Clarita, then complete the remaining portion of her trip the following day through a series of transport drivers who would take her up the coast to her new home in Santa Rosa.

But Cali never made it home. During her overnight stay in Santa Clarita, Cali escaped from the transporter’s condo. Members from the transport group initiated an extensive search for Cali. Flyers were posted, humane traps were set up and wildlife cameras were placed in the area as volunteers went door to door, asking nearby residents to be on the lookout for little Cali.

The transport group that lost Cali promised her adopting family that they would search for her until she was found, but recently announced that they are scaling back their efforts. Cali's adopting dad, OPKIT members, and everyone involved in Cali’s rescue are now frantic and hoping that someone in the Santa Clarita area has either found this frightened little cat, or can help search for her.

Please cross post this article, especially among friends in the Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, California area. If you have seen Cali, or have any information about her, please call Cali’s adopting dad Devin, at (707)292-8800.

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