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Rescued dogs create calendar to help unwanted pets

Reunion Rescue 'Day Late Dollar Short' 2014 Calendar
Reunion Rescue 'Day Late Dollar Short' 2014 Calendar
Reunion Rescue

This year, Reunion Rescue was so busy rescuing dogs, we didn't get around to making our 2014 calendar. That gave us an idea. Why not run a contest for rescued pets to help homeless ones?

Riley was the top vote getter in Reunion Rescue's calendar contest
Coca's Promise Rescue

Suddenly, rescued dogs from all over began entering the Reunion Rescue 'day late dollar short' 2014 Photo Calendar contest. Sasha, Percy and Russell entered from Pacifica, California to help dogs located clear across the country like Posey who came from Solano County, California who now lives at Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge in Texas.

Rescue work is very expensive. Many of these dogs at Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge were saved at the last minute like BeBe from Town Lake in Austin right before she was killed. Food, treats, herbal and homeopathic support are costly. Most members of the public don't realize once a dog is pulled, how much work, time, effort and expense are involved.

Refuge dogs like Amber, Vinny, Peanut, William, Princess and the many others we save and try to care for require the same amount of support each month even though they have been saved from the danger of being euthanized.

In appreciation for participation in the contest, 13 top vote getters like Riley and Harley Quinn are being featured in monthly poster shots in the calendar, we wanted to recognize every entrant. Each dog who entered the contest is featured in the calendar with his or her picture.

The calendars are being sold for $25.95 each which includes shipping. Please visit Reunion Rescue website and click the donate button to order your very special calendar filled with rescued dogs and their incredible stories.

To us, this is what rescue really means..that saved dog helping to save another dog.

Cindy Marabito of Reunion Rescue writes the American Pit Bull Examiner stories to save lives. Every click on a story donates to the animals.


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