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Rescued dogs brought to Colorado Springs for freedom

Puppy mill dogs often live their entire life in a small wired cage.
Puppy mill dogs often live their entire life in a small wired cage.
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

A couple days ago, 50 dogs were rescued and brought to Colorado Springs. Formerly, they were puppy mill dogs and came from Midwest states. You do know about puppy mills don’t you?

A puppy mill’s only purpose is to raise as many puppies as possible to sell to pet shops. With this end in mind, they breed dogs time after time with no time between litters. This goes on until the female no longer produce puppies, then they usually kill the breeder dog. The puppies they produce are raised in horrendous conditions and often have many health issues. They are kept in tiny wire cages, some for their whole lives. They never have anything soft to lie on and normally no human touch. Some spend their entire lives in these cages.

The food they eat is very poor to save money and the water is usually unclean. The way they water these dogs is so unsanitary, puppy mill dogs often have many missing teeth, dental diseases and sometimes no jaw from the bacteria that has eaten it away.

Their miserable existence only ends when a pet store customer takes them home. For some, it does not even end then as they are not what they are represented to be, often quite ill and so may end up in a shelter. The best thing to happen to these dogs is to be adopted by loving people who will care for them.

National Mill Dog Rescue right outside Colorado Springs makes several trips a year to save these dogs. they are true heroes.Due to a somewhat trusting relationship with puppy mill owners, they save those dogs that would die if not taken away from the puppy mill owners. These are the females no longer able to produce puppies and the puppies not up to a pet store standard. They might make wonderful pets if saved, but less than perfect puppies are often drowned by the puppy milers.

One of the worst problems is there are no laws against these facilities even though their practices are harmful and cruel. The agricultural department considers these mill owners to be farmers and their dogs to be livestock. There are no laws to protect these animals in many states.

According to, Jenna Whitt from National Mill Dog Rescue, the states where the worst conditions and the most puppy mills are located are Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas

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