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Rescued dog, who became an Edmonds police canine, has died

Edmonds Police Department

A retired police canine, who had been with the Edmonds, Wash., Police Department, died last weekend reported Monday's KIRO News.

The nine-year-old German shepherd, named "Dash," had a stellar career with the Edmonds Police Department - in fact, his work secured him with the Officer of the Year and Medal of Valor awards.

Dash had humble beginnings...he was discovered by the Washington German Shepherd Rescue at an animal control agency in western Washington when he was just six months of age. Dash served as a working police canine by the side of his handler, Sgt. Josh McClure, from 2006 until his retirement in 2013; Dash is credited with saving his handler from being shot by a suspect in 2007.

Edmonds police spokesman Sgt. Mark Marsh commended the dog on his exemplary service; he stated:

During his career, Dash was responsible the apprehension of numerous criminal suspects and locating countless items of evidence

After Dash retired from service, he lived at McClure's home as a member of the family - the retired canine resided with his family until he passed on Saturday, August 16.

Following Dash's death, Cara Quinn, with the rescue organization that discovered and saved Dash when he was just a pup, stated:

Amazing dogs end up in shelters and rescues. People think rescues only get the problem dogs.. Sometimes we do, but more often than not, dogs like him end up discarded.

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