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Rescued 14-year-old neglected dog to live out her days happily ever after

Rescued 14-year-old neglected dog to live out her days happily ever after-slide0
Valerie Bruder Photography

A 14-year-old brindle pit bull named Shadow became another sad statistic earlier this week; her owner died and no one in the family could care for her. The dog was surrendered to a shelter in New Jersey, but what are the chances for an aged dog - much less a bully breed ever being adopted?

Aurora had given up on life after having been surrendered to the shelter. All she did was sleep.
Cumberland County SPCA

Very depressed, lonesome, and scared in her kennel, the gentle dog just curled up, closed her eyes and tried to figure out what she had done wrong after all of these years to have been ripped away from the only home she had ever known.

If only every dog in need could be this lucky; Shadow was rescued on Wednesday, and although she will not be made available for adoption because of her health issues, she will spend the remainder of her life in hospice care with one of the board directors of Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue.

Shadow has been renamed Aurora, and she is sweet, takes treats gently and craves the tender touch of human kindness. Despite an abscess in her chest that recently burst, mastitis, broken teeth, and testing positive for heartworms, Aurora's zest to live pushes forward.

Take a few moments and watch Aurora's amazing transformation as she leaves the shelter for her new home. Perhaps our dogs teach their humans about forgiveness, pain, letting go and love.

If you would like to help with Aurora's medical care, please click here. Please note the donation is for Aurora.

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