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Rescue Your Own Pets - The Pit Bull



  • Fry's Pet Rescue 6 years ago

    As a pet rescuer, but as a pet owner & a MAJOR lover of the Bully breed, it is very important not only with Bully breeds, but ANY breed of dog to carry insurance. I as an open rescue in the country not only maintain insurance on my animals, but I do have fenced play area's for them. It is important in city or country not only for the safety of people but the animals. It is a responsibility of the OWNER to ensure EVERYONE is safe! If one is not prepared for the responsibility or the expenses involved then that party is NOT ready to own a dog, especially one that requires by law to have these things in place. We ALL like to call our pets "kids", so if you consider YOUR PET a KID and a part of your family, protect them as such, but also take the liberty of protecting those around you, as they are NOT children they are animals, it is a gift to own one. The bully breed is not for everyone and it should never be a band wagon to get on, it should be thought out! Sad about the dog!

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