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Rescue your next full or mixed breed pet.

Scooby, A former homeless dog relaxing in his, now, forever home.
Scooby, A former homeless dog relaxing in his, now, forever home.
Courtesy of Every Creature Counts Animal Sanctuary

Many people do not realize that they can get a wonderful pet from a shelter, sanctuary or rescue.  The majority believe that only animals who misbehave, are old, have health problems or have medical issues, end up in shelters.  The fact is, you can find pets in shelters from puppy or kitten to adult and also mixed to full breeds.  Most of the animals have very little issues if any at all.  Their are many rescue groups who specialize in specific breeds from Airdales to Wire Fox Terriers.  If you are interested in full breed pets you can visit to find the breed you are interested in.  You may also contact local shelters and ask to be put on a waiting list for a specific breed. 

If you are looking specifically for a puppy, you can contact, or call other rescue groups.  You may be surprised at how many puppies are given up each day from people who's pets had puppies or people who adopted a puppy and didn't realize the time and energy it takes to raise, train and care for a puppy. 

Nearly every shelter has adult dogs.  You can visit to view some pets as well as other local shelters web sites.  Many pets are fostered with famililies and their personalities are known very well by their caretakers.  Sanctuaries will more than likely be more truthful about the animals personalities than will a shelter.

Sanctuaries and rescues work at finding animals forever homes and do extensive screening to ensure that pets are taken care of and will not return back to homelessness. 

Shelters try to place animals quickly and have minimal questions and requirements for potential adopters.

Puppies require a lot of one on one care and training and tend to chew on things and are not potty trained.  Adult dogs are usually potty trained but may have issues from their past owners.

Weigh out pros and cons from adopting from a shelter vs. a rescue as well as pros and cons of puppy vs. adult.  Narrow down your choices and find your perfect pet.


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