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Rescue Your Life by Volunteering

To learn how to foster or adopt Ayla, please email
To learn how to foster or adopt Ayla, please email
Rita Earl

In giving, we receive. In volunteering for rescue, we are rescued. When we come together as a group to help homeless and death-row shar pei, we build community by working together for a cause that is greater than ourselves. As we set aside our personal differences and issues to serve these innocents in need, we grow spiritually and we increase in compassion, understanding, and kindness.

We give of our time to teach abused dogs to trust and in return they teach us about forgiveness and unconditional love. We work together as a team, and in so doing we learn to set boundaries with each other, which helps us to teach the dogs about boundaries. We learn to be at peace, instead of in pieces. We give of our free time and resources to save and improve lives, but we find that it is our lives that are saved and improved.

Chinese Shar Pei Network, Inc. has several volunteer opportunities in southern California (take pictures of dogs, foster, help with adoption events) and also an opportunity that can be done from anywhere (Transport Coordinator). To learn how you can become a volunteer, please email Thank you and Namaste.