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Rescue spotlight: Almost Home Foundation

Still waiting for her forever family.
Still waiting for her forever family.
Uschi Bertrand

Almost Home Foundation (AHF) is a 501c3 rescue for both dogs and cats based out of Elk Grove Village. The rescue was started by five caring individuals who wanted to do something to help save more homeless animals from needless euthanasia. Over the past six years, AHF has saved over 5000 animals that probably would have otherwise died. They rescue stray and abandoned animals from the northwest suburbs, surrounding communities as well as throughout Illinois and other states. Because AHF is an all-volunteer rescue, all money donated goes directly to the animals in need.

Uschi Bertrand

They believe in a "no-kill" philosphy, meaning no animal will be euthanized unless it is aggressive towards people which could pose a threat or in a physical condition that is untreatable and it's more humane to euthanize than allow the animal to continue to suffer. This marvelous group of volunteers have taken in some very ill animals and nursed them back to health. Most recently, they rescued Maeve, a severly neglected black lab mix. Under a year old, this poor girl had seen more heartache than most adult people. Some medical attention for her skin issues, a little extra food and this beautiful girl found her forever home this past weekend. She will never hurt again.

Then there's the puppy mill rescues: Weaver, Variety and Rosedale. Though they are not quite ready for adoption yet, they are being cared for, socialized and loved by dedicated volunteers and foster homes. Hopefully, these great dogs will one day feel safe and secure enough to find their own forever homes.

Of course, we can't forget the cats. AHF has started a special "club" for the black cats, Freddy's Black Kat Klub. Traditionally, black cats are very difficult to adopt out. They carry with them many stigmas and superstitions. Freddy, one of the original rescues and a black cat himself, has become the Public Information Officer for AHF to promote black cats and responsible pet ownership. Many other rescues shy away from saving the black cats because of the adoption difficulties, but not AHF. In fact, they are know as one of the more "black cat friendly" rescues in the area.

In order for AHF to continue their amazing work, they need your help. Foster homes and donations of many types are always welcome. As well, check out their upcoming fundraisers on their home page. For April, they have several dining options that will contribute a portion of the proceeds back to AHF. And if you're looking for your new best friend, don't forget to adopt!