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Rescue destroyed by fire loses another innocent victim: kitten Kirkpatrick dies

One of the cats hurt after fire at STOP rescue
One of the cats hurt after fire at STOP rescue

As if the death of three cats after a fire destroyed Stop The Overpopulation of Pets (STOP) cat rescue's building in Mansfield wasn’t heartbreaking enough, another kitten has died. Eleven-week-old orange tabby kitten Kirkpatrick was not strong enough to battle the damage to his lungs, and the kitten passed away. His sister McKenna is still suffering from respiratory issues as well.

Forty-one cats were rushed to the hospital after the fire. While Kirkpatrick and McKenna’s two other littermates are doing well according to STOP, almost two weeks after the blaze, some of the cats remain at Hull Vet Clinic. Many are still too ill to leave, and are receiving around-the-clock care.

The good news is that 25 cats released from the vet now have a new, temporary home. The shelter has relocated to a ten-room office located at 273 Cline Avenue in Mansfield, Ohio.

Volunteers are needed to help clean and get the rescue up and running again. Hopefully the snow and cold won’t keep local people from helping out.

A comment on their gofundme page shows STOP’s appreciation towards all who have helped in so many ways: “We cannot thank all of our supporters enough for all the love and help you have offered. We still have HUGE needs, but your support has helped us get this far. Thank you for thinking of us and caring so much.”

The Fanny Tat fundraiser page even reports that “Some of the firefighters are interested in adopting cats when they are ready. How cool is that?!”

Unfortunately the rescue still has a way to go before becoming fully functional again. Before the fire, STOP provided the local community with low-cost spay and neuter. Many of the cats housed there were hard-luck cases which required medical care as well. According to owner Diana Nolen, “We are trying to replace the medicine and supplies ruined by the fire and smoke but have limited funds. How do you outfit a ten-room office with nothing?”

If you’d like to help, donations can be made on the Fanny Tat fundraiser page by clicking here.

Checks can also be mailed to STOP, c/o Diana Nolen, 2555 Wahl Drive, Mansfield, Ohio 44904. Remember that sharing helps, too.

Fanny Tat, the spokescat for STOP, is also on Facebook.

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