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Rescue agency swoops in to save dog who was scheduled for death today

Winnie is safe
Leave No Paws Behind

Update 5/14/14: According to Leave No Paws Behind, Winnie passed away peacefully today.

Update 4/30/14: From Winnie's rescuers:

Winnie came through like a champ and will be seeing those pink elephants for awhile!!!! Doc says the growth has been removed in her mouth AND, wait for it, they did not have to take the whole jaw AND Doc says it appears to be just a benign growth!!!!! Doc says she will look like she has an overbite! The 2 other growths were not of immediate concern and due to the length of time and blood loss that Winnie endured this morning with her major surgery, they will remove at a later date! Thank you all for your continued prayers for this sweet girl

Winnie, a tumor-ridden boxer, was scheduled to die on Saturday. The ailing dog had been at the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control facility in Downey, Calif. for two weeks, and though her owner had been notified that she was there - nobody came to retrieve her.

Despite the tireless efforts of animal welfare advocates, saving the beleaguered dog, dubbed "Winnie," seemed practically impossible. Winnie has a disfiguring tumor on her lower jaw as well as one hanging from her abdomen, in addition to one on her leg.

The associated veterinary expenses which would be tied to the pulling of a dog like Winnie seemed to deter potential adopters and rescue agencies from taking a leap of faith to save her life.

Everything changed, in the best possible way, on Saturday morning when the non-profit rescue agency, Leave No Paws Behind, swooped in to save the day. Winnie was pulled from the animal control facility and taken to a veterinary hospital to be assessed. Amazingly, despite the ominous appearance of her many tumors, the staff believes that she can be helped.

Medically speaking, Winnie is not out of the woods - but as of today, her chances of experiencing a normal, full life have improved immeasurably. Follow Winnie, and her rescuers at this link to Facebook.

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