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Rescue agency refuses to return dog to family after dog escapes from home

Rescue agency won't return dog to family
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According to Sunday's NBC Philadelphia, a family in Plymouth Township, Pa., is upset because the rescue agency that they adopted their beagle from is refusing to return their dog to them after he escaped from their home last week.

The trouble began last Tuesday when a contractor failed to properly close a door at Alexis and Rob Krekstein's home. The Krekstein's dog, a beagle named "Flash," took advantage of the situation and ran away.

The Kreksteins maintain that they immediately set out to find their dog - scouring the area, phoning the area police and the local SPCA; the one thing that they did not do was call the rescue agency who originally adopted Flash to them two years ago.

It is that final detail which Main Line Animal Rescue is citing as the reason that Flash will not be returned to his family.

According to the publication, the Krekstein's received an email from the rescue agency which notified them that Flash would not be going home which stated that "the family failed to call the animal rescue and notify them the dog was missing and said they were not properly caring for him."

Alex Krekstein told NBC Philadelphia:

I thought I was doing the smartest thing by getting the information out around here where he would be found. It never occurred to me the chip would show up Main Line Animal Rescue and they would not return the dog back to me,”

It was a microchip, embedded in Flash's neck, which landed the beagle back with his rescue agency. According to a Facebook page which was established to help reunite Flash with his family, the rescue agency never counseled the family about how to change the contact information on the microchip to their home address, after he was adopted.

On Monday, the Facebook page for Flash posted an email that the family received from Bill Smith, the executive director of the rescue. The email (Flash is referred to as "Pablo"), in part, reads:

After last night we decided it would be best to pass Pablo onto another rescue. A rescue we have worked with for years and shares our very high standards as far as screening applicants. If you had accepted the slightest bit of responsibility for what happened to Pablo or made some effort to find him, things would have... turned out differently.

This could have been a real teaching moment for your sons - accept responsibility for your mistakes and try to work things out in a civil manner. Instead you have shown them that blaming other people when things go wrong and screaming the loudest instead of making a sincere effort never really works.

Find the Facebook page for Flash here.

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