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Requirements for a Russian Visa

If you are a owner of an ordinary passport and looking to get a short-term Russian visa such as a travel, Private, Student, Business, Humanitarian, Transit or Work, you need to apply at the Russian Visa Application Centre, not at the Consulate. This doesn’t apply to those holding diplomatic and service passports.

The first thing to do is check the requirements for your visa type. You can do it on the web site of the Visa Centre. If you reside in the USA,for example, you need to go to

When all the important documents are gathered, you can fill out the visa application form. Please keep in mind that the form can only be carried out on line, written forms are not approved. We strongly suggest you to duplicate and save your log in and password information when you will be doing the form in case you want to amend some details later.

The aim section, travel dates and inviting organization information on the application form must be completed in accordance with the details on your invitation or tourist voucher. For example, you may be traveling to Russia for five days however your invite can be issued for, say 30 days, so you must insert your dates of entry and exit as they appear in your invite.

When it comes to the question pertaining to the countries you have visited in the last ten years, you can mention only those countries which stamped your passport on arrival/departure. Also, you can mention only your past visit to a country where you travelled a few times, you don’t have to list all years when you visited the same country unless it is Russia.

After completing the form you need to print it out, put the date and sign it. You can usually apply either in person, by post or through an agency but if you are going to Russia to work, you must apply in person at the Visa Centre either in London or Edinburgh.

When your application is approved, you will be given a receipt which must be kept in order to collect your passport when the visa is ready. You can track your application on line using the Receipt Number and your date of birth. The information on the tracking can be found on the above mentioned web site or obtained at the counter in the Visa Centre.

Once you accept your travel document, check the visa immediately away: the schedules and spelling of your name. If some thing is wrong, the Visa center will take your passport back and correct their mistakes.

If you are not certain how exactly to deal with your Russian visa application and need assistance, our friendly Russian visa consultants will always be happy to assist you and you’ll see that applying for a visa will not have to be a bland and time-consuming chore!

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