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Request for Additional Military Spending

A lot of people don’t realize the reason why some are so quick to go to war or intervene in affairs with “military action”. Aside from the minimal salaries made by those in the armed forces, the lion share of the big ticket war chest funding goes to the big private sector defense contractors. The companies making the planes, missiles, ships, artillery, sophisticated equipment that the average citizen is not privy to know about, and a vast-array of purchases done in the name or cause for military action. Then we ask who owns those big military defense companies? What congressional leaders are getting donations to their pacts/private organizations from these companies? War is profitable for some and I think the President is asking for this funding to pacify those hungry for more military action (spending). I don’t agree with additional spending for any type military intrusion no matter the reason at this point. Defense spending should be just for that, “defense”. There are underlined issues that the average American is totally oblivious to but leadership will lead us to think it is in our best interest and will promote the element of fear. My Philosophy is the best offense is a good defense which means stay in the ready position when we are in direct threat of breaching our shores or that of an ally. The current budget is more than sufficient to meet that demand. If additional resources are available then open up U.S. military recruitment to enhance the number of troops and thereby create jobs and training for American citizens.