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Reputation system unveiled for Xbox One

Xbox One launch
Xbox One launch
Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Microsoft

In an attempt to offer users a better gaming experience by cracking down on trolls, Microsoft unveiled the reputation system for the Xbox One on March 26, 2014.

The reputation system is based on an algorithm formula that calculates a users reputation based on a collection reports filed against them. The system will determine the players reputation based on hours of game time while having a series of checks to adjust to false reports made.

A gamers reputation is broken into three categories of "Good", "Needs Work", and "Avoid Me". Gamers with a positive reputation will have an easier time joining an online game while receiving rewards for their behavior. Those with a "Needs Work" reputation will receive warnings until their status has improved.

Gamers who have a negative reputation will have a difficult time joining an online game while being banished to servers populated by similar users. The system will also ban gamers from using certain privileges.

The reputations system was first proposed back in July 2013 as tool to limit the disruption of trolls, cheaters and hostile players as they can defer other players from engaging in the online experience. Among the disruptions caused by trolls are verbally assaulting other players with racist and homophobic remarks or sexually harassing women gamers.