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Repurpose and reuse: One man's trash is another man's art

Old truck as Yard Sculpture
Old truck as Yard Sculpture
Joni Taylor Klarman

Art is very subjective. It doesn’t have to hang on museum or gallery walls. Art simply put is an expression of emotions, vision and/or aesthetics. Art can also be functional. A beautiful piece of pottery can be used for food or drink.

Art created from found objects and junk is a very creative way of recycling, repurposing and reusing. In our throwaway society there is an abundance of materials for this type of artist to express themselves. A phrase has been created for this type of art. It is called “Junk Art”.

Using found objects isn’t a new idea though. Outsider Artists have been using junk for a long time. You probably remember driving by some old home seeing all kinds of “junk” around their yards. This junk was different. It was in unique sculptures, bottle trees, unusual mail boxes, ornate fences and sometimes even the house. You have seen their paintings on old boards, window panes and saw blades. The expressions of these artists are as unlimited as the supplies or junk used for creating these works.

The photo of an old truck parked in a flower bed is a great example of junk art. The truck with its patina of age and rust is beautiful on its own. Park it in a flower bed and surround it with lush plants and other found objects and it becomes a masterpiece to some. It certainly becomes an interesting subject to photograph.