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Republicans Want To Raise Taxes On The Poor

GOP Raising Tax on Poor
GOP Raising Tax on Poor

After two years of convincing, cajoling, and preaching, Republicans have finally realized that to get the nation’s deficit under control, there has to be an increase in taxes…on the poor. For two-and-a-half years, Republicans have said that if the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy are allowed to expire, it is the same as a tax increase. During this weekend’s radio address, President Obama said the payroll tax cut for working Americans should be extended to stimulate business and give Americans some much-needed cash.

Republicans are traditionally against any tax increases so it seems natural they would embrace the president’s proposal, but they have, as usual, gone in the opposite direction and said it is important to raise taxes on the working poor to help get the deficit under control. So are Republicans making any moves to let the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans expire? Of course not; Republicans will always protect the rich even if it means going against their mantra of never raising taxes. The Republican chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee and member of the House and Senate super-committee, Representative David Camp (R-Mich), said that tax reductions, “no matter how well-intended” will increase the deficit making the panel’s work that much harder.

The payroll tax deduction for the working poor is 2% and applies to every American who works and makes under $106,800 per year. The median annual income for America is $49,500 for an entire family so only the lower middle class and working poor are going to be affected by the Republicans’ tax increases. The Bush-era tax cuts amounted to 3% on the richest Americans and if the Republicans didn’t hate the poor, they would let the wealthy’s tax cuts expire so all Americans could shoulder the burden of helping get the deficit reduced, but the GOP will never take away the wealthy’s entitlements.

The move by Republicans is nothing more than class warfare, and they have aligned themselves with the rich against the poor. Republicans have no concept of shared sacrifice unless it means the poor share all the sacrifice to benefit the rich. With more Americans living in poverty every day, President Obama’s proposal to keep the payroll tax holiday will help 90% of America. Republicans have displayed the plutocratic tendencies that only benefit the rich and corporations by forcing working families to give more of their income to the rich. It is too bad that Republicans do not remember that historically, when a country’s population is kept in dire poverty to benefit the wealthy, bad things happen. The French Revolution is an example of what happens when a population is starving and barely subsists from day to day while the wealthy live in opulence.

When the tens of millions in the peasant class in America realize the Republicans are going to take more of their income to feed the filthy rich, it doesn’t bode well for America. When peasants do rise up and take back their money, the wealthy have no-one to blame but Republicans who felt it was better to raise taxes on the poor to enrich the ultra-rich. Republicans have shown the level of contempt and hatred they have for working Americans, and the amount of love and devotion they have for the rich; Americans should be outraged that Republicans are raising taxes on the poor when the rich continue getting tax cuts. Their tax cuts are paid for by the people who built this country and it shows just how exceptional the wealthy are to Republicans that are slowly starving hard-working Americans to death.


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