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Republicans want to deny tax credits to violent video game developers

The republicans are proposing a a bill called the Tax Reform Act of 2014. One of the clauses seeks to provide research and development tax credit for American manufacturers. However, there's a stipulation: it wants to deny this tax credit to creators of violent video games. The next issue, if this gets passed, is how to define "violent" in relation to the video games industry. One study defined violence as any moment where a character deals some sort of bodily harm to another character. By that definition, that would mean almost all video games are violent.

This would be an issue that deals with the first amendment rights. Whether people like it or not, video games are an art form. Forbes writer Dave Their has stated that video games are entitled to protections under free speech. With the fixed costs of creating video games rising exponentially, this bill could potentially be disastrous for American video game developers and publishers.

Don't forget that you have the power to vote, gamers.

Source: CVG

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