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Republicans Still Heap Riches On the Wealthy

More Bush Tax  Cuts Are Insane

It is often impossible to understand why politicians propose ideas that they know are destined to fail, but one of the world’s greatest minds had a fairly certain explanation. Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results,” and he may as well have been describing the Republican Party in 2012. At issue is extending the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy, and the GOP is using the same tired argument that giving rich people more money will boost the economy and spur outrageous job creation. The problem is that in 2001 and 2003, Republicans gave the wealthy tax cuts and they have not creating any jobs or helped economic growth.

With just a limited time left before the General Election in November, Republicans are digging in their heels and pushing to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich and repealing the Affordable Care Act they still claim is unconstitutional and a violation. However, it is the Republicans’ strident insistence that the wealthy need more tax cuts before they will begin hiring even though it has been eleven years and they have not created any jobs. The only job creation was from President Obama’s stimulus that created between 3 and 3.3 million jobs and the auto industry bailout that saved a million jobs and the American automobile industry.

There is no rhyme or reason to the GOP’s adherence to giving the rich more wealth, and especially when the country needs additional revenue to pay down the debt. Last year when S&P downgraded America’s once stellar credit rating, they cited Republican intransigence in letting the Bush tax cuts expire as part of a balanced approach to deficit reduction. Still, Republicans are back again with their weary refrain that the American people are duty-bound to absorb Draconian spending cuts so the wealthy can continue receiving their lower tax rates. They are clearly insane, as Einstein noted, because the wealthy did not, have not now, or will not begin hiring because they continue getting their Bush tax cuts. In fact, the American people overwhelmingly approve of raising taxes on the richest 1% of Americans to reduce the deficit and fund critical infrastructure projects and put the people back to work.

Republicans are wont to say their main impetus in governing is reducing the deficit, but the Paul Ryan budget they voted for en masse adds approximately $4 trillion to the debt and Willard Romney’s tax plan of $6.7 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy will add over $5 trillion regardless the drastic cuts to social safety nets and eliminating several government agencies. The insane Republicans do not want to reduce the deficit, they want to give all of the assets the people have to the richest one percent. The insanity is contagious because there are millions of working poor and middle class Americans who still believe that if they support Republican plans to heap more wealth on the rich, the economy will flourish and tens-of-millions of Americans will land great jobs. In fact, it is not insanity, it is stupidity because most of the Republicans’ supporters are in the group who will suffer most from the Republican agenda of entitlements for the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class.


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