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Republicans rebel against federal control of Obamacare

Rep. James Lankford of Oklahoma leads fight ro rid states of federal control of Obamacare
Rep. James Lankford of Oklahoma leads fight ro rid states of federal control of Obamacare
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There is rebellion brewing in a big way over the acceptance of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in Washington being led by Representative James Lankford (R-OK), Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee.

On Thursday he introduced the House Joint Resolution legislative proposal for the Health Care Compact, a breakthrough governance reform allowing individual states to fix the incredible federal bureaucratic upheaval of the law without more “assistance.

Lankford said, “The Health Care Compact is a way for states to protect their residents from the top-down, one-size-fits-all health care ‘solutions’ that have been imposed from Washington DC, including Obamacare. “The compact transfers health care decision-making authority and responsibility from the federal level to member states. Those member states are then free to implement their own health care systems without interference from federal bureaucrats, using federal health care funds already collected and spent in their state.”

That now makes it eight states that have joined the Health Care Compact including Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah. Legislation is pending in 12 more states.

Lankford’s move is mentioned in Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution. Compacts are constitutional instruments that provide authority and flexibility to the states for administering government programs without federal interference.

Congress itself must consent which will make this interesting as it progresses. Congressional consent is required for states to enter into a legally binding compact.

Lankford observed, “With $2.3 trillion spent annually and almost 3,000 pages of regulations for Medicare and Medicaid, federal management of our complex health care system has proved to be incompetent, inflexible and incomprehensible to the average American. States already manage Medicaid, but they are burdened with thousands of pages of federal regulation, which makes the system inefficient and impersonal. The Health Care Compact moves decision-making closer to the people, freeing states to address health care innovation, increased options and affordability.”

Let the health care rebellion begin in earnest.

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